Proaxis Legal Ltd specialise in a range of bespoke marketing initiatives generating qualified leads for the legal sector.

One of our aims is to identify individuals who have been affected by asbestos exposure and wherever necessary encourage them to seek medical opinion in order to allay any health concerns. In those instances were a diagnosis is made the client is steered towards expert legal help and offered appropriate assistance to make a compensation claim. Additionally, we seek to identify those people who have secured credit to purchase a motor vehicle with a view to establishing if any mis-selling had taken place. In appropriate cases, after liaising with relevant lenders, claims worthy enquiries are directed to mis-selling legal experts who will consider the merit of a compensation claim.

We have operated within the personal injury sector for over twenty years, the last fifteen years of which has been used to identify and assist claimants in need of specialist legal help arising from their workplace exposure and handling of asbestos. Many claimants will be unaware of their entitlement to recover compensation and/or government benefits whilst others are unaware their condition is or could be asbestos-related. New claimants frequently include those whose health has deteriorated following an earlier provisional award of damages or where there is subsequent deterioration in somebody previously diagnosed with pleural plaques.

In 2010 the brand name ‘National Asbestos Helpline’ [] was acquired by North West based solicitors who continue its use marketing their services across England and Wales. The strength and reach of this brand can be measured by the fact profit costs in excess of £11,000,000 were derived during the period 2010 – December 2016.

In 2017 we launched Scottish Asbestos Helpline [] for use by Glasgow based solicitors in the generation of Scottish based asbestos-related personal injury enquiries and in 2018 we launched Asbestos Health Check [] which focusses on the generation of asbestos-related personal injury enquires throughout England and Wales.

In 2021 responding to earlier concerns raised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) into widescale mis-selling of car finance agreements, commonly referred to as PPC or ‘Personal Contract Plan’, [] was launched with our partner’s, Car Claims Direct Ltd.

We constantly strive to improve and widen our messaging and visibility which enables us to capture and package sought after caseloads for our partner solicitors. Providing value for money remains our priority and to achieve this we need to understand each client’s particular situation in terms of their capacity and budget.

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